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What to Look for In a Self-Storage Facility Contract

StorInsure wants customers to feel safe and comfortable storing their personal belongings at your facility. Since a self-storage leasing contract is required between the storage facility and the individual leasing the storage space, here are some important things to look for to be included in the leasing agreement:

* The term of the lease should be clearly spelled out. In most most cases this will be month to month to benefit both parties for ending the lease whenever necessary. 

* The purpose of the unit, which is the self-storage of personal property that is non-perishable. A list of what items can or cannot be stored in the unit is clearly indicated. Also, the total value of the items that can be stored should be clear in a stated dollar amount. What to Look for In a Self-Storage Facility Contract

* How rate changes will be handled. If rents are to increase, the company usually has to give the customer 30 days’ notice.

* Provisions for alternate contact information. If the customer doesn’t pay his bill in a timely fashion and cannot be reached, who can the company contact as a secondary reference prior to putting the contents of the unit up for auction.

* Reasons for termination, listing specific reasons why the facility may require the tenant to vacate the storage unit.

* No oral representations are valid. This means that anything discussed between StorInsure and the customer are binding between the parties and that everything that is binding is stated in the written contract.

* Clear terms for any lien fees being charged.

* Notice that there are posted rules for using the facility that must be adhered to.

* What the limits of liability and security are when using the storage unit. Insurance for self-storage is the responsibility of the user of the unit and the company’s security precautions for the property do not mean that the storage unit customer isn’t responsible for securing his own insurance for self-storage for whatever is stored in his unit.

Customers can also expect the contract to include the company’s logo and contact information and be written in easy to understand language.