Commercial General Liability Coverage

With tenants regularly on your premises, accidents can happen. Commercial General Liability coverage protects your business from bodily injury, personal injury, or possible property damage that may occur at your facility. Our policy is written on an occurrence form. That means the claims are covered when the event occurred, if during the term of the policy. Sometimes the insured is not aware of a liability claim until they receive a notice from the injured party, which could be well after the date of the claim. With our occurrence form, those types of losses would be covered even if that policy has expired.

Our policy provides a per occurrence limit of coverage as well as aggregate limits per location. This is helpful when an owner has more than one location.

This policy also provides coverage for Advertising Injury that may occur in the course of advertising your goods, products, or service.

Our policy also includes Medical Expenses coverage. This coverage will pay for some of the medical expenses incurred at the facility by the injured party (not the insured or their employees) regardless of fault. This coverage includes first aid at the time of the accident, necessary medical expenses, and transport via ambulance if necessary.

We also offer the following coverages:

Employee Benefits Liability – This coverage will protect you in the event you become legally obligated to pay as a result of damages to an employee caused by a negligent act or omission in the administration of an Employee Benefit Program (group life, group health, pension plans, etc.)

Employment Practices Liability Coverage – This is a claims made endorsement to the General Liability that will protect you in the event you become legally obligated to pay damages due to a wrongful employment practice (discrimination, wrongful termination, etc)


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This page does not guarantee coverage or limits of the policy, please review your policy for full coverage details.