self storage insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

StorInsure can cover everyone from the single facility owner / operators to the owners and management companies with multiple locations across the United States. Coverage is available in 48 states.

StorInsure is an insurance program that pools similar risk from many different self-storage companies. This allows us to provide better quality coverage at a more affordable price. Get a quote online and you can compare to your current insurance policy.

Yes! We have quite a few benefits for large companies. Here is a short list of them:

  • Each property-owning entity is name as an Additional Named Insured
    • Allowing full rights to the policy benefits
  • Aggregate limits apply separately to each location
  • Premium Savings
  • Blanket Coverage per location
    • All buildings covered under one limit
    • One deductible per location (not one per building)
  • Excess Liability Umbrella limits up to $25 Million
  • Simplified renewal and billing process with only one renewal date
    • Premium summary per location for your accounting