Property Coverage

When you insure your facility, you want to make sure all your property is covered.  Our policy provides coverage with a blanket limit.  A blanket limit for your property coverage is beneficial as it does not limit individual structures to a specific value and the limit can be applied as needed in the event of a property loss.  This limit not only covers the buildings at your facility, it also includes the following:

  • Permanently installed fixtures and equipment (security cameras, lighting, keypads, etc.)
  • Any business property/furniture you have in a resident manager apartment
  • Property owned by you to maintain or service the facility. This includes any golf carts or lawn servicing equipment you may have.
  • Glass coverage is included
  • Fences and gates
  • Unattached/Attached Signs
  • Buildings under the course of construction are covered up to $1,000,000 on the insured property and include materials, equipment, supplies, and any temporary structures within 1000 ft of the premise.

Business Personal Property is covered and includes, but is not limited to, your office equipment, furniture, tv or monitor displays and any stock you may have in boxes, locks, packing materials.

Business Income coverage is included with 15 months of coverage Actual Loss Sustained – this can be increased to 18 or 24 months of coverage.  This will protect you in the event of a covered cause of loss at your facility and will pay for your loss of business income during repairs to the damage property.

Additional coverages included in our property policy are as follows:

  • Employee Dishonesty coverage is included at $15,000 – this can be increased
  • Employee Property coverage of $10,000 is included
  • Valuable Papers and Records coverage is included at $25,000 – this can be increased
  • Accounts Receivable coverage is included at $25,000 – this can be increased
  • Mini Computer Coverage is included at $20,000 – this can be increased
  • Pollutant Cleanup and Removal is included at $25,000 – this can be increased


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This page does not guarantee coverage or limits of the policy, please review your policy for full coverage details.