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What to Do If There Is a Fire At My Facility?

Storage facility owners face problems similar to other businesses in terms of property damage when they have a fire, but their problems can quickly worsen regarding clients’ personal property. While structural maintenance issues can often cause damage over a period of time, fire is the primary issue that storage facility operators fear most. Owners are generally not liable for damage to any client property when they experience a fire if they have a contract rider stating as such. After the document is signed by the tenant it becomes an enforceable contract. But the problem is that there are still circumstances that result in a lawsuit when fire damages personal property or spreads to an adjoining property. Being protected from damage lawsuit is important, and insurance for self-storage facilities with StorInsure is designed to provide that protection.

insurance for self-storage facilityInspect Property

The first step after reporting the fire to your insurance company is physical inspection of the building and evaluation of client accounts. Claims concerning the physical structure should be itemized before reporting the incident to the insurance provider. Claims for destroyed property could be numerous and having facility insurance means that valid claims will not significantly the future operation of the business. Fires that begin at the facility and spreads to adjoining property could be the real worry because damage claims could be extensive. Your insurance provider will also want to conduct an inspection of the property as well regarding all potential claims.

File a Claim

After completing property inspections, facility managers should then submit their damage report to the insurers. This allows the manager to know what to expect from each tenant if they should choose to take legal action, and managers who do not have insurance could have very significant legal problems after a fire if they have chosen not to insure. Facility insurance is not a legal requirement, but a costly lawsuit could be detrimental to any business. This means it is also not an option for the truly serious facility operator.

It is never a good decision for storage facility managers to forego liability insurance for self-storage because lawsuits could conceivable come from several directions following a fire. Always select a dependable and recognized company like StorInsure for protecting your business in case of a tragedy.