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Should You Allow Police and K9 Units to Train at Your Facility?

One way you can give back to the community is by opening your storage facility for K9 police training. Letting officers teach dogs how to detect narcotics and explosives on your property may seem like a no-brainer. You, however, should count up all of the costs before deciding to serve as a training facility for K9 units. Understanding what a teaching session entails should be the first step in your research and analysis. 

What does a K9 unit training session entail?
Qualified K9s are either given single-purpose or dual-purpose training. Single-purpose training is primarily designed for dogs to protect their human 

partners in addition to tracking suspects who may hide to escape an arrest. Dual-purpose training is more detailed in the sense that dogs are specifically taught how to sniff out narcotics or explosives.

Should You Allow Police and K9 Units to Train at Your Facility?

A dual-purpose dog is never trained to detect both narcotics and explosives. There are different procedures that police officers take when handling potential bomb threats. It would, therefore, create confusion to train a K9 to detect both explosives and narcotics since the animal would be unable to relate distinguishable differences to his human partner. 

What are the risks of renting out your facility?
There are advantages to lending your storage facility for K9 training. Along with pros, however, come the cons of making such a decision. Dogs pose the risk of property damage and personal injury. You as the facility owner place yourself at risk of financial loss if you lack the proper self-storage insurance to handle such accidents.

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