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Should My Self Storage Insurance Policy Protect Against Crime?

self storage insurance policySelf-storage facility owners are seemingly always at risk of financial loss. A tenant who is behind on his bill may choose to file a lawsuit for you choosing to evict him. Then, there is the property damage that comes with lawlessness. You run the risk of having serious problems if criminals break into a unit and either vandalize or steal the property of your customers.

self storage facility insuranceIt is because of the high risks that you face as an owner that you need self-storage facility insurance. StorInsure can help you find the right plan that protects against incidents of various sorts.

Should your self-storage facility insurance plan protect against crime?

The best self-storage assurance policies protect you when the inevitable happens. Crime is definitely an unplanned occurrence. Your commercial insurance plan should be one that pays when vandals decide to spray paint the side of your wall or break windows in efforts to get inside of the office.

It is best to obtain a policy that pays for the replacement cost instead of actual cash value. Actual cash value pays out up to the amount that the damaged property is worth. You could find yourself extremely short-changed if thieves steal a computer that you purchased five years ago.

Replacement cost, on the other hand, pays up to the amount that it takes for you to replace the item that was damaged or stolen. Suddenly, the $200 that an “actual cash value” plan would pay for your computer turns into the $1,000 that you need to buy a new device.

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We specialize in insurance policies for self-storage facility owners. We know that there is more to the business than simply allowing someone to leave their things on your property. Some of the advantages that come with our services include:

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We also offer unlimited capacity for some risks. Call us today to learn more and get started with a quote!