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Self-Storage Facility Insurance: What Coverages Should Be Included

Protection comes in the form of self storage facility insurance when you own a self-storage space. StorInsure has plans specifically made for business owners such as yourself. Self-Storage Facility Insurance: What Coverages Should Be Included

What is facility insurance coverage?
Facility insurance coverage is an indemnity plan that protects storage facility owners from financial ruin. The assurance option does not cover tenants’ goods nor does it serve as a sort of personal insurance to customers using the facility. Self storage facility insurance is meant to guard owners against costs associated with frivolous lawsuits all while giving entrepreneurs better leverage when the unexpected happens. 

General Coverage Options
StorInsure offers general coverage options as well as specialized assurance plans designed just for storage facility owners. The following indemnity options are considered as part of general coverage: 

  • Personal Property Insurance
  • Business Liability Insurance
  • Business-Income Coverage

Personal property insurance protects the structure against damages related to faulty wiring and suspicious fires. Other damages to the structure of the business are also typically covered under such a plan. 

Business liability assurance is a policy that pays out when a customer is injured on the premises because of problems with the facility. A person who slips in a puddle of water while entering the office may reap from your business liability indemnity plan. You need to purchase workers’ compensation if you hope to cover payroll employees who have accidents while on duty. 

Business-income coverage is an assurance option that pays when your company experiences an emergency that leads to slowed or halted operations. You can file a claim that works to ensure the underlying costs associated with the emergency do not continue to wreak havoc on your finances. 

Storage Coverage Options
Storage-specific insurance coverage options include: 

  • Customer-goods Legal Liability
  • Sale and Disposal Liability

You in no way offer customers personal insurance by having customer-goods legal liability. The indemnity plan instead serves as protection when damages to customer goods are the result of negligence on your part. The legal liability option can ensure that you do not have to come out of pocket to pay significant costs. 

Sale and disposal liability assurance also works to guard against financial loss. You have the right to sell the property of customers who fail to keep up with the rent. Still, there is always the possibility of a lawsuit. A sale and disposal liability insurance plan funds legal representation in these matters. 

Your storage facility deserves the right insurance protection. Get started on a better path of financial security today by giving us a call!