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Security Updates for Your Facility: What You Should Include

facility insuranceInsurance for storage facilities is not optional for those with valuable items they want to keep and protect. Keeping certain possessions at home is not always an option, and there is no such thing as too much protection for truly valuable merchandise. Most conscientious clients will have a self-storage insurance policy with a reputable company like StorInsure to protect themselves, but they will also be looking for a facility with significant security features. Here are a few considerations for customers and businesses alike.

Digital Surveillance Maintenance

One of the first steps to ensuring a facility is safe is regular inspection of surveillance equipment. While it is also a good policy to have around-the-clock security on duty, that is not always practical for some facilities. Updated digital surveillance is typically a good method of deterrence for many facilities.

Password Protected Entrance

Another security update that has proven successful is installing a password identification gate restricting access to the property. The use of a personal identification number means that only those with the code can access the particular unit or even the property in general, depending on the type of system.

Lighting and Maintenance Upgrades

Theft typically occurs in the dark, and a well-illuminated storage facility can clearly be a deterrent to vandals and other perpetrators. This allows police or other customers excellent assistance in viewing anyone who may be attempting to gain access for nefarious reasons. In addition, regular inspection of locks and doors at entry gates is a commonsense step that all locations can take for a sound security system.

Employee Protocol

Internal theft can be a problem for storage facilities as well, and this can be combated with a specific employee protocol such as time-stamped inspection points. Keeping detailed records of employee activities can help also, as there is no such thing as too much security.

These security updates are important in helping keep costs for insurance for storage facilities at a minimum for those wanting self-storage insurance. Contact StorInsure for more information regarding policy types and coverage.