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New Design Solutions and Adaptations for a Healthy Self-Storage Business

self storage design solutionIf you run a storage facility and want to keep your business on track during the pandemic, keeping a few tips in mind helps. You can use air filtration, ultraviolet light and self-storage facility insurance by StorInsure.

Air Filtration

When you want to keep your staff and customers out of harm’s way, using proper air filtration is a great way to do it. The right air filter removes bacteria and viruses from the air to prevent the spread of disease, protecting your customers and your business.

Ultraviolet Light

Installing ultraviolet lights in your storage facility is another great way to protect yourself and your business from harmful pathogens. Look for ultraviolet lights designed to kill pathogens without harming people, and you will be on the right path. You can leave the ultraviolet lights running all day to keep viruses and bacteria at bay.

Many customers are worried about getting sick when they go to public places, so you can let them know about the ultraviolet lights and how they reduce the risk. Your customers will be pleased you made the effort and be much more likely to return to your storage facility.


Self-storage facility insurance is always useful when you want to protect yourself and your business from the unthinkable, but it’s even more vital when you face a global pandemic. StorInsure has insurance policies for your store that safeguard the future of your business, putting your worries to rest.

They work with you and help you decide what coverage options are the right fit for your long-term goals. You can get coverage for liability concerns, property damage, equipment failure and more depending on your situation and needs. If you would like the peace of mind that only the proper insurance plan can provide, contact us today.