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Mini Storage Insurance: What it Includes and Why You Need It

The self-storage industry is booming as more people look for places to keep their extra possessions. As the number of storage facilities increase, the number of claims against such businesses rises as well. There are so many potential issues: unclaimed items, improperly stored items, delinquent payments, dishonest tenants. Not everyone realizes the importance of having a dedicated self-storage insurance plan. 

Mini Storage InsuranceAt StorInsure, we specialize in the insurance needs of the self-storage industry, protecting you against the unique insurance claims of this business. Most people assume that a self-storage business is similar to a warehouse, with the business responsible for the care of the inventory. However, in self-storage, the tenant is responsible for maintaining his or her items while the property owner is responsible for the facility itself. This leads to a different level of liability. 

We have you covered in situations like: 

  • Customer Property Damage – If a customers’ possessions are damaged by a water leak or burglary and the tenant looks to recover their damages from you, our Customer Goods Legal Liability Coverage will help.
  • Pollutant Removal – You discover that a tenant has been storing materials that have specific disposal requirements. Our Limited Pollutant Removal Coverage comes into play.
  • Delinquent Tenant Lawsuits – The most common claim made against the self-storage industry is when delinquent tenants bring a lawsuit for items that were sold or discarded. Our Sales and Disposal Liability Coverage will help protect your business.
  • General Business Issues – We have all your basic business insurance needs covered, with coverage for buildings and property, employment practices and general liability.

If you run a self-storage business, then it is time for you to consider an insurance policy that is tailored to your needs. As you become more successful and your business grows, the number of potential claims will grow with it. Let StorInsure provide you with a self-storage insurance policy that you can trust.