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Making Sure Your Facility is Safe: Why You Need Insurance

Owning a self-storage facility can be a profitable endeavor. The start-up costs are relatively low and the upkeep is minimal. Many owners undervalue the importance of insuring their self-storage facilities. StorInsure specializes in insuring self-storage owners. This insurance helps to protect owners from a wide-range of potential damage and accidents. Without this insurance, owners are placing themselves in financial jeopardy if anything bad were to happen. Here are a few important reasons that owners should consider an insurance investment. storinsure

Understanding Liability of Ownership

The owner of a self-storage facility is not directly responsible for the belongings that renters store within these units. Although they might complain and attempt to hold an owner responsible, there is no legal tether between a self-storage facility owner and the belongings which are being stored. However, there are ways in which owners can insure their facilities.

Building Insurance

Self-storage facilities are comprised of many buildings, fences, gates and other construction. All of these parts have the potential to become damaged through fires, natural disasters, strong winds, vandalism and other incidents. Building insurance helps to insure the physical aspects of a self-storage facility.

Business Property Insurance

Business property insurance ensures that all of an owner’s personal items are protected. Furniture, computers, files and all other objects located inside the main office or other important building will be covered by this insurance.

Equipment Insurance

Equipment insurance is another important form of self-storage insurance. This form of coverage protects machinery or equipment used to keep the facility running. This includes heaters, alarm systems, boilers and more.

Self-storage insurance is an integral part of running a successful facility. There is no reason to wait until disaster strikes to be worried about protecting the fundamental aspects of a company. StorInsure has helped countless self-storage operators insure their business. Visit the website today to see what kind of offers they can provide.