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Legal Threats to Be Aware or For Your Storage Facility

landlord tenant lawSelf storage facilities come in handy in managing your personal and business storage needs. Running a self storage facility requires you to consider several administrative and legal measures to minimize the risk on your property. When it comes to such protection of your self storage facilities, it is important to remember three main legal issues.

Compliance with disability regulations

In case your self storage facility is designed to be accessed by the public, it is essential to consider the various regulations that demand facilities to be accessible by persons with physical disabilities. Regulations, such as the Americans with Disability Act, require compliance with the civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities. You may, therefore, want to ensure that your facility is designed to be accessible for convenient use by all.

Tenancy agreements

Tenants are advised to have their lease reviewed by an attorney to ensure it complies with state lien laws. Tenants’ state self storage associations may be able to provide a template lease for the insured to use.

Damage-based risks

To mitigate the risks involved in owning and operating a self storage facility, it is highly advisable to consider obtaining the appropriate insurance for self storage facilities. When considering insurance for self storage facilities, it is vital to work with reputable insurance providers, such as StorInsure. At StorInsure, the multiple insurance products provided help to protect your property, goods and equipment against a wide range of potential risks, including theft and damage. Reach out to us for a competent protection on your self storage facility.