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How to Prepare Your Facility for Autumn Weather Accidents

autumn weather accidentsWe have reached the time of year when the weather is changing and the need for different business practices has arisen. As an owner of a self-storage facility, it is important to take certain steps to ensure that your property is ready for the season and you are able to prevent accidents that come along with this time of year. In addition to precautions, it is important to have insurance for self-storage facilities so that you are protected in the event that something happens. The professionals at StorInsure can offer tips that help you get your business ready for the autumn weather.

Precautions for Autumn Weather Accidents
As the weather changes, there are changes to keep in mind that can potentially cause accidents. If you are prepared for such accidents, you can stop a situation from becoming a liability for your company.

Increased rainfall. Rainfall tends to increase in autumn and the cooler temperatures mean the rain does not dry as quickly, making sidewalks, parking lots, and walkways slippery. Be sure to keep all indoor walkways dry and place caution signs as needed. If it gets really cold, be sure to put salt in parking lots and on sidewalks to prevent ice from forming.

Less daylight. As daylight is shorter, be sure that your facility is well-lit to prevent falls from happening. Adequate lighting also increases safety for customers who move items after dark. It is also a good idea to install security cameras for this reason.

Once you have followed these safety precautions, it is necessary to obtain insurance for self-storage facilities to protect your company from being liable for accidents that may occur.

At StorInsure, we offer a variety of insurance options for your company and can explain the types of coverage we have during a consultation. Contact our office to learn more.