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How to Keep Security Up to Date During the Holidays

security up to dateIt’s holiday season and it’s common to see more traffic in storage facilities at this time. An increase in customers can create the need for more security to ensure that everyone, and their belongings, are safe. As a business owner, it is a must to keep security up to date to avoid potential safety issues. Insurance for storage facilities usually offers plans that include security coverage. Our insurance policies at StorInsure can help you with the safety coverage you need for your facility.

Updated Security for Self-Storage Facilities
As you prepare to update the security at your storage facility, there are critical points to keep in mind while doing so. This will help make your company as safe as possible for your customers.

Lighting. The facility should be well-lit. This way cameras are able to capture clear footage and customers can clearly see who is around them.

Security cameras. The cameras should have a high definition that makes it easy to see people and the space the camera is in.

Locks. The locks on the facility doors and storage units need to be properly installed and working for increased security.

Parking lot. Security is not limited to just inside the facility, but is necessary outside, too. This means installing bright lights and cameras in the parking lot, as well. If there is a coded gate for after-hours entry, make sure that it works properly.

In addition to these steps, you can also consider hiring a security guard for safety. This way someone is on the premises and can keep it safe in real time. The presence of a security guard very likely deters a person from attempting to commit a crime.

To learn more about ways to increase security and insurance for storage facilities, contact StorInsure. We have many options that will work for your business.