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How to Begin Your Self-Storage Insurance Policy

Many people assume that when their items are stored in storage facilities, they are protected from damage. However, the storage facility is not responsible for damage that may occur resulting from natural disasters. In the event of fire, theft, or water damage, the owner of the items will have to replace them. This can become very expensive and all items may not be able to be replaced at the same time. For these reasons, it is important to have a self storage insurance policy. StorInsure is an insurance company that helps self-storage owners protect their belongings so that they can be easily replaced, if needed. How to Begin Your Self-Storage Insurance Policy

If you are considering self storage insurance, it is important to have a policy that caters to your needs. Generally, insurance policies offer coverage for a number of incidents including, building leaks, explosions, fire, or robbery. These policies are also offered for various amounts of coverage based on the value of your items. In order to determine which policy is best for you, it is very helpful to speak to an insurance agent to discuss the available options based on your needs. The agent will ask a series of questions related to the storage facility and your items – location, size of the storage unit, value of items, for example – to get a better idea of which policy would be the best fit for you. If you wish to have a specific type of coverage, this is the best time to inquire about it, before the policy is made active. 

The professionals at StorInsure are waiting to answer all of your insurance-related questions. Our experience with helping our clients choose the best coverage for their valued possessions will help us answer your questions and with picking a plan. Contact us today to get your self-storage unit insured.