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Getting The Word Out: 4 Tips For Better Communicating To Tenants

communicating with tenantsOne of the most important and thoughtful things you can do as a property owner is to foster a healthy and good relationship with your tenants. The relationships are often symbiotic and can last a lifetime when nurtured right. One of the easiest ways to do this is through communication and understanding. You will avoid untimely move-outs, nasty disputes, and tons of other misunderstandings by simply communicating better with your tenants. But how do you do this? StorInsure has a few insightful tips for you.

Create an open-door policy
Ensure that you make it known to your clients that they can come to you anytime they have concerns, and you will be willing to respond instantly. Regardless of whether it’s about a lease clause, or a rent payment extension request, let your tenants know they are free to contact you.

Respond to requests quickly
Communication entails exchanging messages between you and your tenants. When it’s stuck on one side, communication becomes ineffective. From the receiving end, ensure that you respond to your tenants’ calls and requests and come a level ground and understanding with them. This should help them feel valued.

Be easy to reach
Give your clients multiple ways to reach you for easier communication. Different people prefer using various methods to communicate. Keep in mind that your tenants come from different age groups. Be easy to get along with through providing different ways to contact you, such as email, full mailing address, text message, or phone call.

Send alerts and noticed beforehand
Everyone loves his or her piece of mind. Your tenants wouldn’t love surprise visits from contractors or agents from self storage insurance for facilities showing up at their doorstep without notice. Consider warning them in advance for preparations.

As you continue finding ways to make property management better and easier for everyone, we at StorInsure want to let you know that you can protect yourself, your self-storage units, and your tenants through insurance. Talk to us today to book an appointment and learn more.