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Curb Appeal: How it Helps Retain Clients

retaining clientsAre you concerned about retaining clients and possibly attracting new ones at your self-storage company? Customer retention is critical to any business for it to continue to function. One of the simplest ways to keep people coming back is to invest in one of the first things they see when it comes to your business, which is the appearance. Curb appeal is improving the way your location looks so that customers are inclined to keep coming back. While these improvements take place, you must have self-storage facility insurance as a protection for your company. As you make these improvements, StorInsure will discuss the insurance for self-storage facilities options that are right for you.

Curb Appeal and Customer Retention
There are a number of ways that curb appeal contributes to customer retention. If you take time to improve the esthetics of your facility, it makes customers feel like their items are being stored in a place that is well-cared for meaning their items will be too. Updates and proper maintenance make a building look cleaner which also makes customers continue to support your business. An investment in curb appeal also makes a facility look and feel safer, which can encourage customer retention, as well.

Examples of Curb Appeal Investments
Each facility is unique and can have certain updates that will work better for it than others. However, there are general changes that all places can make. These include:

•Getting windows professionally cleaned
•Having the exterior power washed
•Keeping grass cut and flowers manicured
•Fixing faulty locks or having new ones installed
•Changing the lights on signs
•Installing brighter lights inside and outside of the facility
•Repairing concrete on the sidewalk and in the parking lot
•Picking up garbage outside of the facility

As these updates are made to your building, consider self-storage facility insurance to have as a protection for your business. The professionals at StorInsure can answer all of your questions about insurance for self-storage facilities.