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Coverages Every Self-Storage Facility Owner Needs

self storage facilityAs a self-storage facility owner, you’ve put a lot of work into your business. There are plenty of jobs that you have to take care of every day whether it’s managing staff, paying bills or marketing your services. If you haven’t done it already, getting the right insurance to protect your assets should be at the top of your list. StorInsure provides quality insurance for self-storage facility owners to keep their business covered.

Property Insurance

When you purchase an insurance policy for your self-storage business, your facilities will be protected from covered perils like fire, weather-related events, theft and vandalism. If your self-storage were to be damaged today, would you have the money to fix it? It’s important to have insurance to help replace and repair the damage caused by unforeseen events.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This is a major benefit when it comes to insurance for self-storage facility owners. There are many ways a customer can get hurt, no matter how safe your property is. If your customer is injured on-site, and you’re found to be at fault, you may be responsible for paying thousands of dollars. Liability insurance will help cover you in the event that you lose a judgment in court.

Sales and Disposal Liability Insurance

This coverage covers the facility if they incorrectly auction, sell, or dispose of customers contents.  Your StorInsure policy can help protect your hard-earned money by covering claims for liability.

Customer Good Legal Liability Insurance

If your self-storage facility suffers from damage and destroys your customer’s stored goods, then this coverage will help pay for the customer’s property. Your business depends on excellent customer service, and you’ll want to reimburse your customers quickly. StorInsure will cover all of your needs to keep your business running smoothly.