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Considering the New Year: Time for a Policy Update?

policy updateThe year 2020 is upon us which means it is a great time to review matters associated with running a business. If you own a self-storage facility, this means that business processes and protections should be looked over to make sure they still fulfill the needs of your company. Self storage facility insurance is imperative to protect all aspects of a company, so the type of coverage a business owner has should be sufficient. The professionals at StorInsure can look over your current policy with you and explain how your coverage should change as we go into a new year.

New Year, New Coverage
There can be a number of factors that have changed over the last year that requires a change in your insurance policy. If you have experienced any of the following, it is a good idea to determine if your current policy still works for you:

-An increase in the number of tenants you have
-A change in weather conditions that can lead to more natural disasters or severe weather
-Any issues with fire or earthquakes
-Issues with security, including the safety of tenant goods
-A move to a larger facility
-An increase in the number of people you employ

While these are just a few examples that can create the need for a policy change, there are other factors that can lead a business owner to getting new self storage facility insurance. Your policy should also protect you from liability in the event that anything happens to your tenants’ goods. Insurance can be a complex field to navigate, and you will likely have questions about the many coverage options available. For this reason, insurance coverage should be discussed with a professional.

If you are in the market for new insurance coverage for the new year, contact StorInsure to learn more about our policy options.