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Can Improvements to My Storage Facility Help Lower My Insurance Premium?

storage facility insuranceMaking improvements to your self-storage facility may provide you with more than aesthetic benefits that attract the eye of customers. It is also quite possible, the improvements you make to your facility can decrease the monthly premiums for your self-storage facility insurance.

Improvement That May Reduce Insurance Premiums

There are a number of improvements available to storage facility owners that may positively affect the premiums paid for self-storage facility insurance.

Roof Replacement

A new roof can provide a number of benefits that may convince an insurer to lower the premiums for storage facility owners. A new roof will be better able to prevent leakage from rain and better withstand the power of the wind during serious weather events.

Security Cameras

Security cameras provide the best chance for a storage facility owner to reduce the threat of crime at their facility. The experts at StorInsure report security cameras have proven the ability to reduce the cost of crime to storage facilities. These savings can then be passed on facility owners in the form of reduced insurance premiums.

Constructing a fence around a storage facility provides another line of defense against potential crime. A fence will also help keep rodents and small animals from making their way onto the property and possibly causing damage. Both of these benefits can result in a decrease in storage facility insurance premiums.

The Bottom Line
The competitive world of self-storage causes many owners to consider improvements to the property they own to appeal more to customers. What these owners may or may not know is that the improvements being considered may also reduce the costs they pay to insure the property.

Storage facility owners can call StorInsure at (801) 610-2770 to discuss how recent improvements made to their property can lower their monthly insurance premiums.