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Avoiding a Pest Infestation in Your Storage Facility

pest infestationAs an owner of a self-storage facility, you’re likely familiar with the possibility of pest infestations. Given that people are bringing their personal belongings from many different places, the likelihood of pests coming in at some point can be high. Though it is impossible to know the condition of the places the items are coming from, you can still protect your facility. Believe it or not, there are forms of self-storage facility insurance that offer coverage for this issue. StorInsure offers insurance for self-storage owners so that they are covered from liability related to tenants goods and pests.

Pest Control In A Self-Storage Facility
As a business owner, there are ways you can protect your self-storage facility from a pest infestation. There should be rules in place that drastically decrease the likelihood that pests will want to enter.

•Tenants should keep storage units clean at all times. When storage units are kept tidy, there are less places for pests to hide and make nests.

•The items tenants bring into store should be free of pests of any kind.

•There should be no food or drinks in any storage unit. If food is taken into the storage unit, this can definitely attract pests to that unit and those nearby.

•Employees should keep the break room clean and dispose of food items once they are finished eating.

•Any holes around the facility should be sealed to avoid pests from coming in.

If pests are found in your facility, this can have an impact on all of your tenants. If they are found, an exterminator should be called immediately. It is also important to have self-storage facility insurance so that you are not liable for paying out of pocket for any damaged property. Our insurance for self-storage owners can also be tailored to your specific needs. To learn how, contact StorInsure for more information.