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Accidents That Can Happen at a Self-Storage Facility and How to be Protected

self storage facility can sometimes cause an injury during maintenanceWhen you own a self-storage facility, liability coverage should be at the top of your list. There are many ways that customers and vendors can injure themselves on your property, even when you do everything to make it a safe place. Your self-storage facility insurance is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your assets.

What Type Of Injuries Can Occur At A Self-Storage Facility?

The nature of self-storage lends itself to an array of injuries, and often it’s not due to a lack of maintenance on your property. For instance, customers may hurt themselves due to their personal belongings falling on them. The most common kinds of injuries are from slip, trip and fall accident on the storage premises. These can be very costly accidents, especially if it goes to court and the jury finds that your facility was negligent in any way. If you provide free coffee on-site, your customer may burn themselves accidentally, or they may close the storage unit’s door on their hand. The possibilities for injuries are endless, and you need to make sure your storage business is protected.

How Does StorInsure Help Your Self-Storage Business?

While many of the accidents that occur at self-storage companies may seem benign, it’s incredible what you might be ordered to pay the plaintiff if you lose in court. No matter how much work you put into providing a safe place for customers, unfortunately, you can’t stop them from getting hurt. If you don’t have the right self-storage facility insurance, you could lose your business. StorInsure offers blanket coverage options to insure each building at the facility, so there’s never a question of what’s covered. The company provides an umbrella policy option up to 5 million dollars, and straightforward policy terms that are easy to renew.