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When to Discuss Your Storage Facility Insurance Policy with an Update

storage facility insurance policyIn business ownership, there is a need for constant review of insurance coverage as your company experiences changes. One problem that many businesses owners face is knowing when to review, and ultimately change, their insurance coverage. Insurance is a business matter that needs to be discussed with professionals who are experienced and can explain why you need certain types of coverage. When you work with StorInsure, we will thoroughly explain how our insurance for self storage owners works and protects the various parts of your business.

When to Discuss a New Insurance Policy
As your business progresses, so should your insurance policy. When you have changes in your self-storage company, you need insurance to protect the new aspects of it. These changes can include:

-More tenants
-Any incident involving security of the facility
-Natural disasters or weather-related occurrences
-A move to a new facility
-A fire or an earthquake

If any of these has happened and you were not prepared with the correct self-storage facility insurance, you can understand why a new policy is needed. When you have the right insurance, you have the peace of mind that you will not likely incur any unexpected expenses.

In addition to these reasons, a new policy may be needed when your current insurance company is not able to provide you with the coverage you’d like. For example, if you’ve implemented any upgrades to your facility, your current policy may not be sufficient for these upgrades. If you are limited in coverage options, it is best to consider a new company. Furthermore, a new insurance company can offer you incentives that your current provider is not able to offer.

Once you’ve reached the point where you need new insurance, contact StorInsure for your self-storage facility insurance needs. We can take a look at insurance for self storage owners’ options that would be the best fit for you.