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What Time of Year Is Best to Revisit Your Insurance Policy?

insurnce policyIf you own a self-storage facility or are opening one soon, insurance is one of the most important things to consider each year. While some facility owners set up insurance when they open, they don’t always review and update coverage to stay adequately protected.

Best Time of the Year to Review Your Insurance

Although any time of the year is good for reviewing and updating your self-storage facility owner insurance, spring is a good time to make a habit of reviewing coverage. This is the most common time of year for people to clean their homes or businesses and use storage units. Consider your long-term and short-term business investments that you made since you last reviewed your coverage. If you expanded your facility or added important features, you may need to update your policy. For example, if you started with a single building of units without temperature control, it’s beneficial to update your insurance if you recently added a cooling and heating system to control some units. Whether you choose spring or another season, be sure to make a thorough policy review an annual habit.

Why Work With StorInsure?

Ideally, it’s good to update your insurance as soon as you make a change to your business. If something catastrophic happens before you update your coverage after some important changes or additions, you may have more losses. If you’re unsure about whether you need to update your insurance, we can help you evaluate your current provisions or needs. StorInsure provides insurance that is designed for storage facility owners. By pooling the risks of multiple facilities, we offer affordable and valuable coverage to policyholders.

If you want to learn more about our self-storage facility owner insurance options, please contact StorInsure. We will be happy to answer your questions.