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Self-Storage Insurance Coverages: What Your Facility Needs

self insurance coverageAs a business owner, protecting all parts of your company is a priority. Adequate insurance coverage can ensure that your business is taken care of if some form of damage occurred. This insurance for self-storage facilities is especially important due to the nature of the business and the possibility of the many things that can happen. Aside from protecting the facility as a whole, self-storage facility insurance is designed to cover specific parts of the company. At StorInsure, we provide insurance for self-storage facilities that insures all parts of your property as well as your business functions.

The Coverage Your Self-Storage Business Needs
No matter if you’re new to owning a self-storage facility or if you’ve been a long-time business owner, we have the insurance that is right for you. As you consider the type of coverage you’d like, keep in mind the need to cover property, people, and business transactions. Our professionals can explain how we can take care of each one.

Property Coverage
We offer insurance that will help with replacing or repairing parts of your property if damage occurs. Given that objects are often moved around, you should have protection if any of your property gets damaged. This also helps if something that is being stored by a customer causes damage to the facility in some way.

Liability Coverage
As customers are moving items on your property, an accident can possibly occur. Liability coverage protects you in case someone is hurt while at the self-storage facility.

Sales Coverage
Unfortunately, there are times when customers don’t pay for using your facility and their items have to be removed. This coverage defends you in the event that a customer attempts to hold you liable for the removal.

Self-storage facility insurance must be full coverage in order to protect the owner in case anything happens that could impact business operations. Let StorInsure show you how we can provide insurance that provides the legal protection your company needs.