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Keeping Your Storage Facility Festive During the Holidays

keeping your storage festiveWe have now reached that time of year again when the holiday season is upon us. As this time is commemorated, many businesses will opt to decorate their facility for a more festive feel. This can be a fun time, but caution must still be exercised when decorating for the holidays. Before giving your building some holiday cheer, it is important to have self-storage facility insurance. Insurance for self-storage facilities ensures that you’re protected in the event that decorations cause any safety problems. If you don’t have self-storage facility insurance, a professional at StorInsure can tell you more about the plans we offer.

Safety and Decorating for the Holidays
Of course, holiday decorating can be fun while considering certain hazards to avoid while doing so. Though it may not be an initial thought, some festive items have to be checked to ensure they won’t cause harm.

Hanging Decorations
When hanging decorations, they should be secured to the wall or ceiling. There should be no pieces or debris falling off of them that could hurt anyone walking by. It is also a good idea to not have them attached to any storage unit so that tenants don’t have to touch them to access their items.

Lights can easily make a space more cheerful but should be checked before being used. Make sure there are no frayed wires or any issues that could possibly lead to sparking or power failures.

Window Paintings
If you make your facility more festive by adding window paintings, design them in a way that doesn’t interfere with visibility. People should be able to still see through doors and windows to avoid any collisions or other issues involved with moving items.

The safest way to prepare for decorating for the holidays is to have insurance for self-storage facilities. Contact StorInsure to learn more.