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Keep Your Self Storage Facility Up-to-Date: Top Four Tips

self storage tipsStorInsure offers insurance products to self storage facility owners. There are many priorities taking place on a daily basis, and this can make it difficult to know what upgrades to make. Consider getting a professional maintenance schedule set up for your facility essential components. In addition, you can also create a space inside of the building for selling moving and storage supplies as merchandise.

Self Storage Facility Insurance

  1. Equipment: Maintaining your equipment lowers long-term operational costs. Make sure to get this inventory of equipment inspection, maintenance and repairs set up before your busy season. This can include items like roll-up doors, fire alarm systems, climate control equipment, forklifts, emergency generators, elevators and more.


  1. Property and insurance: Ensure that your property is up-to-date by making modest improvements that will add up to noticeable changes that improve the experience for customers. For example, improve the entrance so that the building is more visible to walk-by traffic. Trim any large trees, shrubs and grass to keep a pristine commercial appearance.


  1. Building maintenance: Consider some choice upgrades to ensure that the building appears modern and attractive. However, it’s not necessary to re-paint the entire building. The overall budget might be better spent on refurbishing the trim, for example. Select bright colors for the trim for optimal effect.


  1. Accounting: Updating the accounting system can help the facility owner to make informed decisions about how to allocate funds for improvements. The net operating income, or NOI, is a good indicator of the self storage property’s value. It provides insights about how to make investments in upgrades for the property, building and equipment.

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StorInsure offers insurance policies that are designed to protect self storage facility owners under a variety of conditions. Get a consultation with one of our friendly representatives with your questions about the newest policies available to protect your building, property and equipment. Contact us today for more information.