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How to Prevent a Self-Storage Facility Break-In

How to Prevent a Self-Storage Facility Break-InIn addition to being a nuisance, a break-in at a self-storage facility requires a lot of work from the company owner as well as any tenant who may have had items stolen. The cost of replacing the items can be great, and the liability involved can be of an even greater concern. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent a break-in if you are a facility owner. Aside from these methods, having self-storage facility insurance can protect you if an intruder manages to get into your facility. StorInsure wants to help you keep your business safe and can explore options of insurance for self-storage facility in addition to explaining different steps to take for prevention.

Prevent a Self-Storage Facility Break-in
If your facility has experienced a break-in, or you wish to prevent one from happening, there are ways to deter a criminal from attempting to enter without permission.

Security system
Traditionally, security systems include some form of alarm and locks to keep out unwanted people. Many systems that are in use at self-storage facilities are not sufficient and intruders are able to get through them. A security system should be one of the latest designs that implement new technology. Interior electronic locks are currently being installed at facilities in addition to cameras inside of storage units.

Though simple, additional lighting can deter a person from committing a break-in. Criminals will likely feel like they are being watched or recorded when there are bright lights at a facility.

If your facility doesn’t currently have a gate, it is something to consider adding for more security. A gate, especially one that can’t be climbed, can easily stop someone from breaking in.

In addition to these steps, self-storage facility insurance can protect your facility if damage occurs due to an intrusion. Contact StorInsure for more information about insurance for self-storage facility.