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How Self-Storage Supports Tenants in Times of Death, Divorce or Displacement

self storage helps tenantsOne of the reasons that self-storage is a fairly recession-proof industry is that people consistently need a place to stash their stuff. Even if the real estate market isn’t doing well and homeowners aren’t moving, death, divorce and displacement drive consumer demand for self-storage. Unfortunately, these life events can be distressing. At StorInsure, we understand that self-storage facility managers should offer compassionate customer service and show their clients that they care about more than the bottom line.


When someone dies, their family members often want to safeguard their belongings. They may wish to go through everything at a leisurely pace without feeling rushed about what to keep and discard. New tenants may come to a storage facility looking for a way to preserve important possessions. The facility staff could consider placing a condolence note inside the space to show sympathy and concern.

Keeping comprehensive and accurate records is also important. If a storage unit is abandoned because the tenant passed away, cleaning out the space and discarding possessions could put you in legal hot water. Make sure that your contracts specify who can enter the unit or terminate the lease. Proper documentation can prevent headaches and spare the family additional anguish.


A solid contract can also protect you if your tenant is dealing with a divorce. Spousal conflict can get ugly, and you do not want to get in the middle of a battle. If both parties are on the lease, you could get caught in the crossfire.

Maintain current contact information for all of your tenants. Follow state laws regarding the lease agreement. You could consider putting only one name on every lease so that you don’t run into trouble if a tenant divorces. Self storage facilities insurance can also protect your finances if you run into legal issues.


Even if it’s a positive change, moving is one of the most stressful life events. One of the best ways that a storage facility can assist people who are moving is to offer packaging items, such as boxes and tape. You could even offer truck rentals to make the move more convenient.

Every staff member should be trained in relationship management and communication. Putting procedures in writing will keep everyone on the same page and ensure that your clients are getting the best service during difficult times. If you’re having a difficult time with your storage space, consider using StorInsure, which provides self-storage facilities insurance.