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Benefits to Performing Staff Evaluations in Self Storage

staff evaluationNo matter the profession, performance reviews bode well for increased productivity, improvements in work ethic, and well-oiled operations. At StorInsure, we understand the importance of meeting the evolving needs of our customers. It’s for this reason why we’re strong proponents of routinely evaluating staff members to ensure that their goals align with ours. Whether you own a self-storage facility or work at one, here are some advantages to conducting staff evaluations.

Rewards Good Behavior
Contrary to popular belief, performance reviews aren’t solely for highlighting areas for improvement. They also give employers the opportunity to applaud an employee’s admirable efforts. When this happens, it inspires workers to work even harder so that they continue to be recognized for their diligence and efficiency.

Offers Guidance
On the other hand, staff evaluations also make it possible to hone in on areas where an employee is slacking. While this may not be easy for the worker to hear, it does ensure that the inner workings of the storage facility run smoothly. As a result, customers remain happy, and you and your employees come to an understanding.

Provide A Sense Of Belonging
It’s not uncommon for employees to go unheard or to feel unnoticed. With staff evaluations, every staff member receives individual attention regarding their work efforts. When workers are given this time, it makes them feel like they’re a part of the big picture. In doing so, they become more motivated to make great strides at the company.

At StorInsure, we offer self-storage facility insurance that promises peace of mind. Much like staff evaluations, our solutions give clients comfort in knowing that they’ll be protected if something goes awry. We offer various coverage policies, ranging from equipment breakdown coverage to property coverage. To learn more about our self-storage facility insurance plans, give us a call at (801) 610-2770.